Back alleys of Prince Edward
Digital photography 

May 2017

「人可以在最異想不到的地方找到美麗。」 對於很多人來說,後巷是一個冰冷,死氣沈沈的地方。但後巷對我來說是個奇妙的地方,每天發生著不同的故事,紀錄著不同物件和人物的互動。在這份作品中,我探索了太子區不同的後巷,紀錄後巷遇見過的人和發生過的事。雖然後巷環境髒亂,但原來對不少人來說在這個生活節奏急速的城市中,是個逃避現實或尋找安靜及私隱的一個避風港。

There’s a quote saying that “You can find beauty in the strangest places.” Back alleys are cold, dull, lifeless, inanimate areas to many. However, if you look into them closely, they could be wonderful miraculous places filled with stories of different people every day and night. To create this work, I have explored and spent hours observing many back alleys in Prince Edward. Although back alleys may seem dirty, they are places of security and quietness for some.