PLAYS Magazine - Life Is Strange
Magazine design, graphic and editorial 
176 x 250 mm, 36 pages 

Created in April 2018

PLAYS is a magazine of Playstation 4 video games, representing details of one specific game to gamers or collectors who love to hoard materials of gaming.
The game chosen for the magazine is called Life Is Strange-Before the Storm. 

As most of the existing gaming magazines are not in a particular style and gather various games in one magazine for commercial reasons. I would like to focus on one game and to provide diverse information for gamers. The major purpose is to arouse the interest of the gamers who haven’t played Life is strange before. For the gamers who have already finished the game, the magazine can be seen as a collectable material. As a game lover myself , I enjoy collecting stuff about the game I like.  


Life is strange by Dontnod Entertainment

Reference by Fandom Wikia, Life is strange Wiki

Book design by Choi Stephanie