Video with offline graphics, June 2018  

Rachel Believes In Me - Saturday OK
Music Video, May 2018

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浸大視藝畢業展二零一七| HKBU AVA BA GRAD SHOW 2017
Promotional Video, May 2017

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Video dairy of Screen printing
Documentary Video, December 2017

Surveillance Loop
Experimental Video, 2018

The surveillance camera of my apartment building inspires this video. For me, the surveillance looks like a little girl who gazes and records my routine by hiding in a corner.
I never look back or interact with her until now; I stare back and film her. Then I discover that a surveillance camera record usually lasts for 30 to 90 days, which means she no longer remembers me after the video records overwritten. She gets to know me by every 30 days and forgets, gets to know me again and forgets, creates a never-ending loop.